Art & Craft

  • The Pelorus Quilters


    Meetings are 2nd Thursday of the month at the Havelock Bowling Club and last Wednesday of the month at Linkwater Hall.

  • Havelock Theatre Company

    To provide entertainment for Havelock community in particular and surrounding communities and training in all parts of the theatre

  • Kenepuru Craft Group

    Members meeting at a different members home with a different theme every month. Members do their own thing.


  • Linkwater Soundings Writers

    Writing Group

  • Linkwater Spinning GroupCrafts/Spinning
  • The Gallery Havelock

    Organisation’s Purpose:

    (1)        to open and operate an art gallery within the township of Havelock, within which: 

    (a)        local artists and artists with connections to the township will have an opportunity to display their works on an affordable basis: and

    (b)        local citizens and persons passing through the township will have an opportunity to view and appreciate artworks, for recreational and educational purposes

    (2)        to provide a venue for student art education programmes (in association with local schools), and for the display of artworks produced by local students

    (3)       to provide a venue for the holding of art courses for the community in association with    REAP, the Marlborough Arts Society, and local artists and artisans

    (4)       To provide a venue for literary and arts functions for the local community, through an annual calendar of events featuring guest artists, national and local literary figures and speakers, book launches and exhibitions.